Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I've been super busy lately. School is wrapping up, I've been working in the garden, and we've had something going on for the last three weekends. It's all good but I'm all tired out. When I get tired and overwhelmed, I become absent minded. Today, for example, I rinsed my contacts in a solution that causes chemical burns to the eye despite the warning on the red sleave around the tip and the bright red tip warning me that this is a solution that must be neutralized first.

I've also been losing my phone around the house. I put it down in the strangest places and I keep asking Mr. Pete to call it so I can find it.

Tonight, I'm looking for our checkbook. We're in the process of organizing the office so it's been misplaced. For a second I thought about asking Seth to call it so I could find it.

Wouldn't that be cool if we could call random stuff to find it? I would have the random Post-It note list that I keep and lose at least three times a day on speed dial.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Things That Make You Go Mmmm...

In the midst of several world crises (which I should write about) I'm struck by this story. A young woman who was denied entrance to her prom because her dress was too skimpy. Not only is she removed in handcuffs but she maintains she still likes the dress. Not only does this remind me of something you'd see in the "what not to wear" section of a fashion magazine, this makes me think that maybe we should do more to help our young people explore their individuality.

Cnn Clip