Wednesday, January 23, 2008


...of a toe.

I dropped our crock pot on my foot last night in an effort to be a better homemaker. I was going to chop everything up the night before, throw it all in the crock pot, and enjoy some healthy turkey sausage-aya tonight for dinner. I didn't not expect what happened next.

I dropped the crock part on my big toe. Lots of pain. Lots of blood. Mr. Pete was a great nurse and made sure I stayed put for the duration of the evening. He even let me sleep on his side of the bed so I could prop my foot up while I slept.

I got a great night of sleep (considering the injury) and woke up in more pain. Long story short, I had a laceration, a black toenail, and some "crushing breaks" caused by the impact of the crock. After two hours at the doctor's office, a tetanus shot, some x-rays, and some other stuff you don't want to hear about that they do for black toenails I came home with some antibiotics and strict instructions to not run for the next few weeks.

I've decided that I am not cut out for endurance training or endurance domesticity.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Why I'm not a vegetarian anymore


Monday, January 7, 2008

The re-education of Mrs. Pete

Mr. Pete and I have entered into a season of our marriage during which we must fight for what we have. Now don't worry. It's just that, in an effort to survive for the long haul, we really can't ever stop fighting for each other. It's so easy to lose sight of the other person when schedules are chalked full of grad school classes, professional opportunities, home improvement projects, etc.

It's funny that I had the following conversation with a student during this season.

M: Is it fun having a husband?

Mrs. Pete: Yeah, why do you ask?

M: I was just wondering why people get married.

T: Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. Why don't y'all just have kids? Why do you have to get married?

Mrs. Pete: Well (thinking, thinking) Mr. Pete and I got married because we loved each other and we knew that if we promised to love each other in front of God and our family and friends, we'd have a better chance of keeping our promise. We knew they could bail us out if we ever needed help keeping our promise.

In 2008 I will....

Will Okun's blog is genius. I can't say enough about it. You can find it here. It has this beautiful photojournalism style with some quick witted, reflective (yet not syrupy sweet) commentary. I love that he posted his students' New Year's Resolutions. He had them write one for themselves, their personal resolution and one for the world. Here are mine:

Personal Resolution: Stop whining and do something about it.

World Resolution: Practice irresponsible generosity (think about it, if everyone did it).