Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So fun

It's been snowing cats and dogs and icing too. It's so beautiful outside right now with the snow and the ice and the sun!!!! How great is that. Here are a few pics from the snow this morning.

I've been staying all cozy and warm inside drinking decaf coffee and daydreaming about reorganizing the bathroom closet. I've already mopped all floors that can be mopped, installed a set of blinds, cleaned my closet, and googled enough of bathroom remodeling pictures to last a lifetime. Here's a little peak at spring. All my house plants have been blooming.

Finally, a picture of the disaster that is our house

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fairy Tale House: An Illustrated Edition

Once upon a time there was a girl name Miss Pete who married a boy named Mr. Pete (don't worry they weren't related). They had a beautiful wedding and after living in an apartment for a few years, they bought a yellow house. They lived happily ever after for a year and did not renew their home warranty. One day, Mrs. Pete heard the washing machine thumping. Mr. Pete pulled it out from the wall to discover that the machine was, in fact, broken. Upon realizing this he also hear a loud thump. When he went outside to get a tool he saw water pouring out of the vinyl siding onto the driveway. Both the hot and cold water pipes in the bathroom had burst during a cold spell. Luckily, Mr. Pete's friend Fix knew how to repair the broken pipes. The two boys set out to fix the pipes and it took all day. After that, the Petes went looking for a new washer and dryer and settled on a model that would fit in the teensy weensy space built by a dumb previous owner. They settled on the Whirlpool Sport or something and they bought a pair of washer and dryer for a REALLY good deal. When they arrived home from Lowes they discovered that the temperature in the house was 55 degrees. So, in his third trip to Lowes that day, Mr. Pete left to buy a new thermostat...but not before Mr. Pete and Mrs. Pete melted down. Now they have a large hole in their first floor shower, a new washer and dryer without an outlet to install them, and a new thermostat. They are living happily ever after.

Afterward: Mr. and Mrs. Pete are truly grateful that their house keeps them safe warm and dry. They are also thankful that they have a small monetary safety net to pay for all their home disasters.

The End