Friday, July 2, 2010

What's for lunch?

So I told you I would be back. And my first post back won't be about how my 15 month old washing machine broke this week with $300 worth of cloth diapers LOCKED inside (it's a front loader). The repair man is coming today so I won't talk about it.

Instead, I'll talk about the yummy food I've eaten lately. If there is one thing I love about summer, it's the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. Now that I'm back on my feet again, I hope to make some trips to Findlay Market for some good local produce.

Mr. Pete had a wonderful salad while we were in Nantucket that he thoroughly enjoyed. We all know it as a Cobb Salad but he won't eat hard boiled eggs, so he omitted them when he ordered. I thought I could do my best rendition of this salad with a twist (a fried egg). I read about it on one of my favorite foodie blogs. You can find it here.

My own rendition was more of a "man meal." These meals earn this status by their appeal for Mr. Pete. Usually adding bacon and cheese earns any meal this status. I paired this man meal with some really eclectic greens from my friend's farm share and with a healthy smoothie.

Man Meal Salad

Any variety of lettuce and greens you can get your hands on (preferably really healthy ones to counteract the bacon effect)



Any cheese

A fried egg

In any relationship there is conflict and compromise. I added the cheese to the salad and cooked the egg thoroughly for Mr. Pete's salad. I left my egg over medium and enjoyed the gooey egg yolk as a dressing for the salad with a little salt and pepper.

Really Healthy Smoothie

Again, any greens you can get your hands on (I suggest chard)

1fresh Apple sliced

Any juice to add a bit of liquid-I used Cran Blueberry (don't mess with a good thing and add a juice with high fructose corn syrup--Ocean Spray makes some great affordable juices)

1 semi fresh banana

1 orange peeled and split into sections

Blend vigorously for 1 min. THIS WILL BE A SMOOTHIE YOU CAN CHEW!

In other news, I ate but did not create this wonderful Veggie Bake! It wash chocked full of kohlrabi, beets, broccoli...and some other local veggies. SO GOOD.
Sorry, I gave up trying to add these pictures to Blogger in a way that flowed with this entry.

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mr. mister's mama said...

I'm impressed you are making such creative meals - you must be into life as a mom! We're still in the grilled cheese-PBJ-reheating-leftover meals-that-people-brought-us stage.